Whether you're a large district or a smaller school, SchoolAxis caters to your needs.

Parent Portal

Our parent portal gives a single point of entry into a customizable user experience for your parents.  The parent portal can be branded and designed to create a cohesive branding message for your organization.

Document Storage

Document storage is simple and secure.  Create unlimited document types, allow multiple uploads, custom permissions, and track document verification. Document upload can be part of the application process.


SchoolAxis supports questionnaire work flows for applications, registration, re-enrollment, roll over, priorities, surveys, and much more.  With our rules system and infinite subquestions, questionnaires become dynamic based on how questions are answered.


Simple offer management, seat tracking, auto rescind, and an offer dashboard that keeps your enrollment on track and accurate.

Email & Texting

Fully integrated and automated emailing and texting can be used in an part of the application process.  With full audit logs, and industry standard compliance, your communications with parents will be effortless.  Messaging can also be branded and customized by school.

Interest lists

School based interest lists allow you to add an interest list form to your web site with all of the data collected by our system.  The system also allows you to create custom opt in lists to track parent’s interest in a variety of programs and opportunities.

Child Pickup

Our child pickup system called CURB, is integrated directly into the enrollment system.  CURB is an app based pickup system with pickup placards, QR codes, and support for multiple pickup locations. 


Easily customize and script reports to analyze real-time data, integrate Excel spreadsheets for advanced modeling, and even leverage APIs for seamless access to user-specific information. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to informed decision-making.

and so much more!


Work without constraint

Are you tired of rigid enrollment systems that don’t adapt to your school’s unique needs? Say hello to SchoolAxis – the ultimate SaaS enrollment solution designed to streamline and enhance every aspect of the enrollment journey, tailored specifically for charter schools and educational institutions of all sizes.

With SchoolAxis, flexibility is key. Our platform is completely configurable to match your organization’s workflow and business model, whether you’re managing enrollment, roll over, re-enrollment, registration, lotteries, or priority admissions. Plus, our user-definable questionnaire types empower you to create tailored surveys and parent interactions effortlessly.

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