You will need permission from you School Admin to gain access to Curb Dismiss Web Portal.  Once you have access, there’s a few system set-ups that you’ll need to work through to insure your Roku and iPads are talking to each other.

Log into the Enrollment System.

Choose Admin>Schools

SchoolAxis Admin School

SchoolAxis Admin

Next to your school’s name, select under the drop down menu Actions>CURB

SchoolAxis Actions

Here is where you’ll enter in your Roku’s Device number, your iPad Device number and configure the background of your display monitor.

SchoolAxis Curb settings

Choose a background image and set it under “Default Landscape/Portrait Background”

SchoolAxis Curb background

Add your Roku and iPad devices by clicking on the “+” button.

SchoolAxis Curb devices

Add your Roku Serial number and choose either landscape or portrait background.

SchoolAxis Curb Roku device

Add your Device ID number.

SchoolAxis Curb iPad device

This is the Device ID from the Curb App settings that is from your iPad. (**Note this is NOT the iPad serial number) See below:

Curb App setting

Click the save button and your setting should be completed.


Importing Student Rosters (to be used with Curb App and Curb Web Portal).

**Office Administrators only have the ability to import student rosters.  Please contact your Office Admin if you need access to this setting.***

Log into your Enrollment System.

Under Admin>School, choose your school name.

Schoolaxis Admin Schools

SchoolAxis Admin

Select your school name and on the right hand side under Action>Roster, choose Roster.

SchoolAxis Curb Roster

Choose the grade level you would like to import and click the green “Add to Roster” button.

SchoolAxix grade import

A new page will load that will look like this:

Schoolaxis add grade levels

Make sure your setting on the top row are:

Grade: Kindergarten (or which ever grade level you are importing)

Has Application: Yes

Application Status: Exported

You will see the list of name populate.  Change the showing of rows to the max number given to you.  This will load all the names within that grade level.

Scholars row of names

Check the top box to select all the names and click the green button “Add Selected to Roster.”  Your  student names are now added to the Curb App and the Curb Web Portal. Click on the “Done” button to go back to the previous page.

Schoolaxis select names

You will have to repeat the same steps to import all grade levels in your school.

If you need to delete a student, check the box next to the name and click the red “Delete Selected” button.

Schoolaxis delete student name