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The application module is designed for your clients (parents) to be quick, easy and fast.

What you can experience in the Application Module are:

  • Fully customizable application
    • editable pages (how many you can add)
    • smart question (answering one, prompts another)
    • intelligent behavior (look and behaves to how you want)
  • Customizable questionnaire system
    • build your own questions & answers
    • build secondary questions on how parents answer
  • Rules base
  • Translates to multiple languages (full localization support for questions & answers)
  • Custom application behavior
    • automatic priorities
    • alerts
    • flagging
  • Unique application by school
  • Full customizable reporting
  • Customizable age detection for early K or 1st grade
  • Editable by both parents and school administrators
  • Full customizable emails using marcos
  • Custom application status
  • Multiple academic year support
    • applications are “smart” and aware of other applications each school year
    • automatic withdrawal of applications if deleted or rescinded
    • supports roll over behavior across academic years